Do I️ need to water or feed my Rose?
No, they don’t need any water of food.

How do I️ care for the Rose?
Keep your rose out of direct sunlight as well as extreme cold temperatures. Keep the glass dome on it at all times.

Why do they last so long?
Our roses have been specially preserved to last 2 years when taken care of properly.

Can I️ make a return/exchange?
We take great pride in our roses, and feel that we do everything possible for you to be satisfied with your product. Therefore, all sales will be final. Under extreme
circumstance and where we can be considered at fault, exceptions may apply.
Enchanted Fleur will hold all discretion in such situations. We will do our best to
provide exceptional customer service at all times.

Why does my Rose have some small dots on it?
Like all living things, imperfections are a natural occurrence. They are beautiful
because they are real and imperfect.

Can I️ do a custom colour order?
Drop us a line and we will be more than happy to try and accommodate this request.

The colour I️ recieved was lighter/darker than what I️ saw on my computer
Many variables may affect each person’s perception of a colour, especially when
viewed through screens. Regardless, we do try to represent the colours as best as possible. If anything the colours will be more vibrant and saturated in real life!